Show Girl

by Xavier Marquis

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Catch her at the hiphop and the rock shows, high life cocaine with a snot nose, prolly rolling with a team or maybe solo, so impulsive yeah she going where the wind blows, uptown girl with a lollypop, serial man-eater with her gun cocked, preying on the weak she hit em with her best shot, cardiac yeah she'll make a suckas heart stop, she on her way to the top, if you catching feelings, you hit a road block, but if you coming up, minor celebrity, she on that scro bro, she swinging like a canopy, bad girl loving every minute of it, one life live wild tatted on her stomach, she got a hit list killing everybody on it, no love just lust, be the way she want it

Show girl, Show girl, Show girl, You go girl x3
Show girl, Show girl, Show girl, It's yo world

Black hair brown eyes red lipstick, thrift store jean shorts Chuck Taylor kicks, laid back real sweet such a cool chick, suck you in black widow on the smooth tip, love game guru, killing for vanity, each soul she take is like her momentary sanity, take it at any cost, she is her own boss, and love catching deep balls call her Randy Moss, she going undefeated no she never lost, baby got that good good, holding men on pause, and everybody want it, they know she poison though, but still they want a taste, acting like animals, she give it so they take it, working up that ladder name dropping daily, first name basis, hiding her evil smirks, replaced with smiley faces, she need her next thrill, off to the races

Show girl, Show girl, Show girl, You go girl x3
Show girl, Show girl, Show girl, It's yo world


released December 11, 2012
Written & Produced by Xavier Marquis
Guitar by Bob "Zen" Firestone



all rights reserved


Xavier Marquis Minneapolis, Minnesota

Xavier Marquis is not just a rapper, more so an artist who brilliantly paints a vivid depiction of what true artistry is all about. Leaving it all on the stage, Xavier is a charismatic performer who passionately focuses on leaving the onlooker with an unforgettable visual and musical experience. ... more

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